Gateway Church Online

Corona Virus Update

Hi Everyone

Firstly we hope and pray that you are keeping healthy whether you are staying at home, or still required to travel into work.

I’m sure you are all keeping an eye on the events around the world regarding the Corona Virus, and will have seen that many churches are suspending collective services for a few weeks and yesterday’s announcement that schools are to close from this Friday.
We have been in discussions with the trustees to agree the direction we believe is right for Gateway at this time, and will also be suspending collective services for a few weeks whilst the situation stabilises.

There will therefore be no collective Sunday morning service until further notice.

However, the church is not based solely on whether we have a Sunday morning service or not, and we do not cease to be a church just because of a virus.

We are the church wherever we go, and we are also able to worship God wherever we are.
Living in a technological age, we are able to make use of that to help us at this time. We will therefore be sending out some online podcasts and links ahead of each Sunday so that we can still worship and pray together as a church and look at His Word whiskt in your homes.

We will also be sending out some resources for the children and youth so that they too can continue to build their own relationship with Him.

If you are feeling isolated, or are struggling with health issues in any way, please get in contact with us so that we can pray and support you.

BE THE CHURCH. WhatsApp, text, call video chat with each other and your neighbours.

Please continue to stay in contact with each other during this time.

Whilst we may not be able to meet together, we can still do life together.

God bless, we are praying for you all.